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Kayak to a special, magical area to hear the Dawn or Evening Chorus.

Dawn and Evening Chorus.
Between March and the beginning of July in the twilight before sun rise or in the evening as the sun begins to set , beautiful bird songs fill the air.  Forests, hedgerows, parks and gardens throughout Ireland become an auditory feast..
Bird calls can be heard at various times through the day. The sounds they create are commonly known as the Dawn Chorus OR  Evening Chorus. . .
Before the sun rises, birds cannot search for food as it is too dark. Instead they defend and mark out their territory, and attract female (mates) as it is the males who generally sing their unique bird songs. There is also an evening chorus which is equally as magical and also doesn’t deprive you of your bed.
In parts of Ireland with a bit of careful and educated  listening you can pick out many different bird songs from a whole chorus. We are lucky in West Cork to have one such magical place. It is a sheltered inlet surrounded on both sides by woods and has a natural echo so the sounds are magnified. There is nothing more beautiful than to drift unobtrusively in a kayak and listen to the bird world wakening up or getting ready to sleep.
if you have never kayaked before this is a wonderful way to try it out . It is gentle , atmospheric and great fun.
Duration : 2.5 Hours
Price: €50 p/p


Atlantic Sea Kayaking, Reen Pier, West Cork, Ireland
Phone: +353 (0)28 21058


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