The Ultimate Irish Adventure Bucket List

Posted on: 19 Oct 2017

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"One of the most magical experiences you can have anywhere in the world"

The Irish Times


Jim and Emily were great guides - both fun and patient - and they ensured we were stayed warm, safe, kept well informed, and were able to enjoy the experience to the maximum.

NewZealandMidWife , New Zealand

Kayaking the Irish Sea by moonlight on the summer solstice and watching the water light up beneath my fingertips was absolutely magical.

Taylor E, East Hartford, Connecticut

Great instructor (who gave us pointers for kayak purchase) great experience. 100%recommended for all levels of water confidence.

Stephen Duffy, Navan, Ireland

We spent 3 hours in the water and had a great time. Would definitely do this again.

Liam Springwell, Cork

Great fun day out for friends & families. Very safe for children and spectacular views on your trip. We really enjoyed it.

Conal Granite, Cork

What a lovely way to spend the morning. I joined a group for a kayaking trip on Lochyne, waterproofs were provided and basic tuition was given where needed.

Jill T, Cardiff, United Kingdom

An excellent instructor but also just a great guy to have chats and banter with. We all left with a massive grĂ¡ for Cork, for kayaking and for roll neck aran jumpers!

Katie G, Wexford, Ireland

We would highly recommend it to anyone. Jim was very helpful and friendly. We had never been kayaking before and he was a great instructor.

Justin D

This is our 2nd trip with yerselves and it was brilliant again.
The Covid safety measures were excellent and we felt very safe,


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