Welcome to Atlantic Sea Kayaking’s blog space!

This is the first of, we hope, many blogs. As it is January, let’s start by wishing everybody a healthy, active and  very happy New Year.

We are still celebrating our new website, which has been up and running since June of last year. It was a rush to the finish to get it up and running for the season, and thank goodness we did, as it was a crazy busy season. We are still working on improving and finishing it, so hopefully you will see improvements this year. Granite Digital did a fantastic job creating our new website, and were also the company that designed our first one, so a big huge thanks and well done to them. Michelle, who was our project coordinator, has amazing patience and good humour ….special thanks to you Michelle, and also to Rob for always looking after us, and to the whole team who are still taking care of our needs, Artur ,and the support team. We highly recommend Granite Digital for all
your digital needs!

A big thanks also to our superb Atlantic Sea Kayaking Team, who represent us so well and who take such good care of all our customers.
We must thank all our past, present and future customers as well…without you we wouldn’t exist!
Thank you also for your wonderful feedback, mostly really positive, which encourages and energizes us, and for also letting us know where we can improve…very important too!

We are looking forward to a busy 2019 with new additions to our offerings, as well as all the great trips we already do, and we hope you will be part of the fun and adventure.

We are kicking off the season with an exploratory trip to Costa Rica with a view to running a trip there, followed by
our legendary Baja Mexico Tour…if you haven’t done it…you haven’t lived!! Next blog will be from the Americas!
Pura Vida!